On the first week of Christmas, my recruiter gave to me – Insights on where to advertise your position. 

So, you’ve identified that you’ll need new team members in 2023, and figure you may as well have them ready for the busy period in December. 

You’re biting the bullet, you’re advertising for staff NOW!

Where to from here?

There are a myriad of recruitment and advertising options out there, and the pressure of investing in the right strategy is REAL. 

There’s facebook groups, linked in, social media, job advertising platforms – free options and paid options are available but it’s difficult to know which options will work and which won’t. 

Well, we don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but we’ve spent the best part of 2 years carefully trialling the recruitment strategies that provide the best results, and we have a recruitment package that holistically utilises these strategies that provide quality outcomes. 

Why you should choose HeadHunter ‘Platinum’ Recruitment Package: 

  1. We’ll run a consultation with you so we have a strong understanding of your business and what you’re offering. 

Ever wondered if what you’re offering is competitive against the recruitment market? Want to know about what you can do to make your position more enticing? Or even just gain an understanding into what candidates are looking for right now? Our 20 – 30 minute job ad consultation is not just about learning about your position so we can write an ad for you, we’ll give you honest insights into how your position stacks up against the competition. 

We carry out a detailed consultation so we’re able to write a quality advertisement for your position

2. We’ll write your job advertisement for you

Writing is not always easy, writing about how great you are is even harder – but we do this for you. At the completion of your job consultation, we’ll create a personalised job advertisement designed to market your position in the best way possible. 

3. We’ll advertise across the platforms that work

Some job advertising platforms work better than others, but getting the ad out EVERYWHERE is important to ensure that your ad is seen by as many eyes as possible. This can be a timely process, but we manage it all for you. 

4. We’ll run candidate searches for you

We have access to the Seek Premium Talent Search tool which enables us to run targeted searches, send your advertisement directly to the right candidates, as well as download the resumes of candidates that we believe strongly match the criteria of your position. These candidates have put themselves out there to be contacted, so you can go ahead and reach out to them directly if you wish! 

Overall, the platinum package is the all-in-one-go approach to advertising for staff and getting your opportunity in front of as many eyes as possible. Save yourself the hassle of trying one strategy after another, losing precious time in the process. Go all in! 

If you are a candidate and would like to upload your resume and become available for businesses to view head to – https://blog.headhunter.org.au/submit-resume/

If you’d like to review candidates on HeadHunter, you just need to have a position actively advertised with us. Packages are listed here – https://blog.headhunter.org.au/pricing/

Reach out to our recruiter directly – Keira@headhunter.org.au if you need a hand!

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