How do we lead a Gen Z workforce?

Gen Z, born between 1995 – 2015, are now our emerging workforce, making up a huge portion of the beauty and hairdressing students, trainees, and apprentices right now. How do we lead a Gen Z workforce?

Known as ‘digital natives’, Gen Z have little to no memory of life before smartphones and this has shaped much of their outlook and perspective on things. They are predicted to be the most educated generation in history, and the most racially and ethnically diverse. 

In a study that was done to predict the future working habits of Gen Z, it was found that above all else they will value career growth, and fulfilling/meaningful work. There will be a major emphasis on authenticity, equality, proper business ethics and work/life balance will be almost non-negotiable to this generation. 

If you intend to still be in business in 10 years time, it’s definitely wise to start embracing the needs and expectations of the next generation of employees with open arms, especially if you want to embrace the next generation of clients, too!

Here’s our tips on how you can keep this generation of people engaged. 

Pay transparency

In small businesses, much of the time team members negotiate their own wages and wage increases and it’s not in formation. There are also times of desperation where employers are forced to compete for a candidate to accept a position, though offering a higher wage. This all results in differing wages across a business and more often than not – a lack of pay transparency. 

Having a structured and uniform pay offering in place that is fair across the team will ensure there is complete pay transparency and in turn, equality and fairness across the board. 

Meaningful work

Money is important, but the emerging workforce are looking for more meaning and purpose in what they do. As a business, having a clear structure and understanding around your vision, mission and your ‘why’ will mean that purpose driven people will be more attracted to, and engaged with your business. 

Bright futures

It’s not enough to ‘see how things go’ with someone’s career anymore. Allowing your employee to have a voice when it comes to the direction of their career and making an effort to mentor and nurture those goals will ensure that a clear path is able to be set – within your business specifically. 

Don’t be surprised if you have employees that have a goal to run their own business one day, this is completely normal. If you can teach them as much as possible, nurture their growth, develop them and help them achieve that goal, there is more likely to be respect and transparency shown to you throughout their transition to running their own business.

Check out our blog here on work life balance and how you can also make this a priority within your business!

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