On the second week of Christmas, my recruiter gave to me – Advice on how to create an ad that sets you apart from the rest!

There’s no denying that most businesses across a vast range of industries are looking for staff at the moment, and many of the job ads out there are starting to sound the same. 

What strategies can be put in place to ensure that your job advertisement stands out amongst the rest?

1. Be Transparent about what you are offering. 

Understandably, knowing what wage you’re going to offer in a ‘take-what-you-can-get’ candidate market isn’t viable, but at least provide a salary or hourly rate range. Advertising at ‘above award’ puts you into the same category as almost all other businesses advertising for staff and leaving the potential employee guessing is not ideal. 

 2. Keep your target audience in mind 

THis is essential for making sure you’re connecting to the right people. An inexperienced apprentice isn’t going to connect with a detail oriented, and lengthy job advertisement, and equally, a type A personality that likes to be well-informed, isn’t going to like a job advertisement that is only a few sentences long. Consider the ideal person you would be recruiting, and tailor your language and tone of voice to them. 

3. Consider providing a testimonial

Do you have an ex-employee that perhaps moved away, or went off on maternity leave that would be willing to sing your praises in writing? Providing testimonials from previous team members will give the reader a truthful insight into what it’s like to work with you as an employer, and this is priceless in a competitive job market. 

4. Focus on the benefits

Really thinking about what you are offering employees is vital in selling the role – and it’s not all about the money. Candidates in 2022 are certainly driven by money and potential earning opportunities, but equally, they want to know who the business is at its heart, what they care about and what type of working culture they will provide. Think about what you do to mentor, nurture, educate your team, and what you advocate for as a business – this is very important to employees and it’s beneficial to cover it in your benefits. 

5. Properly format your advertisement for easy reading 

Headings, subheadings, dot points and well-crafted paragraphs make for easy reading and give the candidate the ability to skim-read essential information. When a candidate has a myriad of job ads to choose from, making a quick impact is essential. Make sure that they can quickly and easily locate information that is important to them, without having to work through large paragraphs. 

Using these strategies as part of writing your advertising campaign will no-doubt ensure you’re set-apart from the competition, but if you would like a professional to manage your ad-writing for you – our platinum recruitment campaign is the answer. 

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