How much training is offered in your workplace?

Some of the most successful people in the hairdressing and beauty industries are those that actively pursue their thirst for knowledge and industry-based training. They continuously engage in the opportunity to further develop their skills, and to learn the latest trends and techniques to ensure their work remains quality, efficient and current. Many of these individuals even go on to become incredibly successful trainers themselves! So just how much training is offered in your workplace?

We regularly see two challenges in our industry when it comes to training:

  1. Managers not providing regular training opportunities for their Employees
  2. Employees not engaging in training opportunities that are offered.

“My workplace doesn’t provide enough training opportunities”

It’s a shame when a business promises training opportunities to their staff, however when push comes to shove, they don’t block out the time or arrange the resources to facilitate it. Often, this is because of bad experiences in the past, where perhaps an employee has taken advantage of training opportunities and opened their own clinic or salon shortly after, or, they’ve attended the training session and haven’t implemented their learnings into the business.

While there is a cost and even a risk associated with training staff, there is 10 times the amount of benefit.

Training generally boots employee confidence and morale significantly. It increases overall engagement, and if the training subject is tailored and specific to the individual, it addresses skills gaps that exist within the business.

By not providing regular training opportunities, businesses risk their benchmark standards being ignored by staff, engagement and loyalty dropping significantly, and their employee skills becoming dated.

There is often a direct correlation between businesses that do not engage in training opportunities and a high staff turnover, and in the middle of a severe industry skills shortage, it’s not a risk worth taking!

“My employees are not interested in taking part in training”

We are seeing this more and more, especially now that businesses offer staff additional earning opportunities through commissions. In their eyes, a full day off the floor making money has a direct impact on their earning potential, and they often can’t see how the training benefit outweighs the loss of income.

Often, senior level staff can develop an attitude where they are stuck in their ways and don’t feel they need regular training or professional development.

Is the employee engaged with their position in the business otherwise? Are they a team player? Do they actively engage with training and mentoring others?

If you feel like there is a misalignment between the employee’s attitude and the culture you are trying to drive, that is a greater issue to address with the individual.

Having a regular dialogue with staff about what type of training they believe will benefit them, and that they would most enjoy, is a great way to gain employee buy-in when it comes to training days.

Having a business culture where professional development is central to your values and conveying that in your recruitment strategies, will ensure that you attract the right people that match your values. Talk to our team about how your ad can attract the right people to your role.

Overall, employee training and professional development is essential to not only the growth of employees’ individual careers, but also ensures the growth of the greater business that they are employed in.

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