Home Affairs within Australia, have some very specific requirements for the process of employing overseas staff TSS visa (subclass 482), with the first process being Labour Market Testing (LMT)

The purpose behind Labour Market Testing is to show that you have tried to find an Australian employee for the position you are advertising, and you have tried multiple advertising platforms to show case this. 

The advertising that Home Affairs requests also has a set of requirements in what must be in the Job Ad itself, these include:

  • the advertisement was in Australia, in English and included the following information:
  • the title, or a description, of the position. Note: multiple positions in one advertisement is acceptable
  • the skills or experience required for the position
  • the name of the approved sponsor or the name of the recruitment agency being used by the sponsor
  • the salary for the position – if the annual earnings for the position are lower than AUD96,400

After that, Home Affairs then requires that this Job Ad be publicised in at least 2 locations as per the below:

  • at least 2 advertisements were published in any of the below:
    • on a prominent or professional recruitment website with national reach that publishes advertisements for positions throughout Australia
      • industry specific recruitment websites relevant to the occupation that are in significant use by the industry are an acceptable method of LMT advertising
      • a general classifieds website or an advertisement solely through social media notification (such as Twitter or Instagram) are not acceptable methods. LinkedIn’s online recruitment platform is acceptable for LMT purposes. Job vacancies restricted to LinkedIn profile members only are not acceptable for LMT purposes
    • in national print media (that is, newspapers or magazines with national reach that are published at least monthly and marketed throughout Australia)
    • on national radio with national reach
    • on the business’ website if the sponsor is an accredited sponsor
  • advertisements, including on websites, are expected to have run for at least 4 weeks
  • applications or expressions of interest for the advertised position must have been accepted for at least 4 weeks

Then if that wasn’t enough, as of the 1st October 2020, the Federal Government added in another requirement for the Job Advertising:

In addition to the 2 advertisements mentioned above:

  • the nominated position must be advertised on the Government’s jobactive website
  • the jobactive advertisement must have included all of the information required to be included in the other 2 advertisements mentioned above
  • jobactive advertisements are expected to have run for at least 4 weeks
  • applications or expressions of interest for the advertised position must have been accepted for at least 4 weeks

All of this marketing then needs to be proven through screen shots or copies of the ad, and how long they have been active for, and all of this completed within 4 months of you lodging for a 482 Visa application. So quite a long and complicated process for a small business to try and achieve.

So here are HeadHunter, we have made all this a lot easier for you. Once you create your first Job Ad with us, all the initial requirements for what’s in a Job Ad will be meet. But where we assist you the most in the way we promote your job ad itself.

Once you Publish your Job Ad on our website, it will automatically be submitted to Jora and CareerJet, and will go live on these National Job Boards usually within 12-24hrs. Then within 48hrs, we will copy and submit your Job Ad to JobActive as well. This will then meet all the requirements for what Home Affairs requires in regards to marketing. All then that is required on your behalf is to wait for the 4 weeks to pass, not to edit any of the job posts themselves (this can reset the timer function on when the Job was submitted), and then you will be able to screenshot each Job Ad and submit it with your TSS visa (subclass 482) submission.