Most common perks for the hairdressing and beauty industries in 2021

If your business is looking for staff, like so many around the country, you really have to make your job vacancy stand out from the crowd and list all the great perks you offer as an employer to entice potential applicants to want to work for you. If you’re offering award pay and not much else, we’re sorry but that’s simply not enough in today’s tough job market, where the ball is definitely in the job seeker’s court.
Here are the most common perks listed in job vacancies in the hair and beauty industries for 2021.

1.       Above award wages. 

Wages for our industries are more competitive than ever, and most businesses are advertising their positions as ‘above award’ and offering anywhere from $1 – $10 per hour more than the relevant award level. This of course depends on the employees’ level of experience and skill, however award wages are seen less and less in the current candidate shortage. 

2.       Bonus and commission structures. 

This has now become an industry standard to encourage business growth and initiative in employees, however businesses need to be careful how they word this in their advertisements as pushy sales environments are something that employees are shying away from. 

3.       Formal training opportunities. 

Many salons and clinics offer in-house training, however more and more businesses are offering paid, off-site training opportunities where team members are able to get out of salon and network with other industry professionals and learn valuable new skills. 

4.       Secure & Ethical employment opportunities 

This should be an expectation, rather than a perk, but sadly there are still many businesses in the industry that are not providing employment contracts, payslips, timely pay or superannuation contributions, let alone proper leadership and support. With more and more businesses looking to industry associations like AHC and ABIC for support in setting their business and employees up for success, things are sure to improve.   

5.       Flexible Rosters 

Whether it’s one rostered Saturday off a month or four day working weeks, salons and clinics are looking to find ways to provide a better balance for employees between their work and personal lives.