Since COVID-19 came to town, the world is a lot more relaxed about and accustomed to working remotely and using video platforms for meetings, get togethers, even Friday night social drinks! As such, job interviews via video using Skype, Zoom or Google hangout for example, are becoming increasingly more common. As HeadHunter is one of the industry’s first job platforms to including video interviewing on its website, we thought we’d provide you with some tips on how to succeed at a video job interview.

For time poor business owners, video interviews are a great way to pre-screen candidates before requesting a face-to-face interview. For candidates, it’s an efficient way to check out a company’s values and job proposition without stepping foot into the business and can be done at a mutually convenient time and location.

Conducting interviews via video conferencing has pros and cons. Sure you don’t have to travel or get completely dressed up, but then you do have to sell your knowledge, experience and personality on camera. Here’s some tips on how to secure the job or employee of your dreams via video.

  1. Choose a quiet, well lit location for your interview

Don’t conduct your interview when walking down the street or in a busy shopping centre. Find somewhere quiet where you won’t receive interruptions or be distracted. Turn off your mobile and eliminate any background noise. Plug headphones into your computer or device so that all dialogue can be communicated effectively. And make sure you are in a bright room with good lighting so your face can be seen clearly.

  1. Dress presentably to suit the role

It’s not necessary to dress up in complete business attire for your video interview. The most important factors are that you are presentable and comfortable. It’s mainly your face and chest on the screen, so pay particular attention to those areas. Don’t distract with inappropriate clothing or makeup – choose well groomed hair, light makeup, clothing that’s clean, neat and tidy. If you are the employer, you might want to present the business’s branding somewhere, whether that be as a background or on your uniform if your team wears one.

  1. Be Authentic

Whilst the thought of a video interview might be nerve-wracking, conveying your true self and personality is probably the most important aspect of this process. Remember, employers are looking to see if you will fit into their team and culture; job seekers are checking out your workplace and your vibe. Be friendly, warm and authentic. Have good eye contact, speak clearly and remember to smile. When you are yourself you will be most comfortable talking about your experience, knowledge and why you would be a great fit for the position. 

  1. Do your research

To prepare for your interview, make sure you do your research first. If you are an employer, go through the candidate’s CV and make notes of what questions you want to ask. Take a note of the qualities that would be advantageous for the position offered and areas that require further training. Look up their social media profiles to see if there is anything on it that may be of concern. If you are a job seeker, go onto the company’s website and social pages and see if the branding and culture suits your style. Learn a little about the business so you can impress with your knowledge during the interview. Think about answers to ‘typical’ interview questions such as your strengths, career aspirations and why you’d be a great fit for the job.

  1. Follow up with a thank you email or text

Good manners never go out of style! Thank the employer or candidate for their time within 24 hours of the interview. If you are the employer, let the interviewee know if they made it to the next round with further instructions, for example, that you’ll be in touch once all interviews have been completed with the next step or that you’d love to see them for a trial or face-to-face meeting. If the candidate was unsuccessful, advise them accordingly in an empathetic manner. If you are the job seeker, show your excitement for the role in the thank you message and reiterate why you would be a good fit for the role.

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