On the eighth week of Christmas, my recruiter gave to me – Tips on how to manage all of the candidates that didn’t get the job.

It’s a rare thing to see a business actively reach out to unsuccessful applicants once they have successfully hired, but it’s more important than ever.

We talked about candidate ghosting a few weeks back, and not letting a candidate know they were not successful in gaining employment could almost be seen as employer ghosting, which is just as bad!

While the candidate that you have turned down may not have the relevant skills and experience that is required right now, they may in a few short months and they will always remember their interaction (or lack thereof) with you throughout the recruitment process.

Our recommendations for candidate management once you have selected your ideal candidate:

1. Give unsuccessful, but interviewed candidates a call

Providing some honest insights into why they were not successful (often because of a more qualified or better suited candidate) can be helpful in their ongoing job search and ensure it’s not a hit to their confidence. This may be a candidate that you’d like to keep warm for a vacancy down the track, and the only way you can ensure they would be open to this is to continue to network with them beyond the recruitment process.

2. Send a generic message to unsuccessful candidates that you didn’t interview

Letting them know that they were not successful, but that you would like to keep their details on file provides some closure, but leaves the door open for additional communication should another vacancy become available.

3. Start building your candidate database

Over time, with every position you advertise, you build a small database of candidates that might be worth reaching out to, prior to paying for a job advertising campaign. Create a folder in your emails of people you think it’s worth staying in touch with (especially if they have an emerging skillset) and reach out if you can foresee a vacancy. It’s important to note though, these candidates will not be receptive to hearing from you if you have technically ghosted them!

Committing yourself to the courtesy of providing outcomes to candidates can be time consuming, but will build your profile as an employer and potentially ensure better outcomes down the track!