Do you work in a toxic workplace?

In today’s job market, there is no reason for you to stay in a workplace that is toxic or impacting your mental health negatively. Ask yourself… Do you work in a toxic workplace?

There are so many businesses out there that are caring, supportive and provide a healthy team culture that are screaming out for quality team members because their businesses are growing at such a rapid place. Often though, it can be difficult to know how to clearly identify what will make up a healthy workplace culture. 

What are the signs of an unhealthy, toxic workplace culture?

  • Lack of positive reinforcement or feedback.
  • Profit comes before people.
  • Blatant and obvious favouritism.
  • Bullying is the norm, and a part of the culture.
  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Unstable work-life balance.

What are the signs of a healthy team culture?

  • A leader and colleagues that appreciate your hard work and let you know your value.
  • A business that understands that happy staff = happy clients.
  • The management team value all their team members equally. 
  • They foster positive and supportive relationships amongst team members and management.
  • Business owners also facilitate a healthy balance between work and personal life. 

If you find yourself in a toxic work environment, please remember, our industry is ABUNDANT with quality, professional employers and so many of them are looking for new team members right now! 

Contact HeadHunter or the AHC team if you’re a qualified hairdresser or ABIC if you’re a qualified beauty or dermal therapist, looking for a new opportunity in your area!

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