Make an amazing first impression by telling your potential applicant what your business brand is all about! ???

The key to good advertising is grabbing the attention of the right people. If you are seeking a high calibre, hard-working and knowledgeable candidate then your job post needs to be more than just one more on a job board.

The more energy and careful thought you put into writing your job advertisement, the better chance you have of attracting the high-achieving candidate your vacancy requires. This also includes using language that reflects your business brand.

Are you formal, hipster, eco-friendly, casual, fun or none of the above? Think about what sort of language your ideal applicant would respond to. Set the tone from the start with an attention-grabbing headline and first sentence so you can reel them in from the get go.

If the ad makes them think – yes, this sounds like my kind of workplace – then half the battle is won when it comes to making your job ad stand out from the crowd. ?