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Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us


Headhunter is Australia’s No.1 Job Board for the Hair, Beauty and Barbering industries.

For businesses wishing to advertise with HHR, there are a couple of different options available wish we summarise below.


Consider advertising your business at headhunter.org.au with a variety of ad sizes that can be placed throughout the website or on specific sections. If you wish to advertise your products or business directly on this site, please contact us for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not accept text link placements within the content of my site. If you wish to advertise it must be clear that it is an ad, and preferably in one of the sections listed below


There are two banner ad positions currently available:

●  an in-line position within the content of the pages (1135 x 150), that sits either at the top or bottom

●  another at (810 x 150) that sites either at the top or bottom of all the search pages, both for jobs and job seekers

The ads can feature on nearly every page of the website, or on specific sections of the website or a particular population segment.

Note: All Banner Ad sizing is subject to change.

See Your Companies Marketing Here or Over ThereContact Us Now!


All advertising is for a set rate per month, paid in advance, the rate calculated by us based on expected number of impressions using historical data. The rate is negotiable, and variable based on the ad size, what pages you wish to advertise on and for how long. There is no pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Please provide the following information so we can provide you with a quote.

●  ad size

●  preferred ad placement on page

●  pages you wish to advertise on (all of site, or specific sections/pages)

●  for how long (at least one month)


●  An initial payment must be received prior to any ads being displayed

●  Banners should be web ready and must be approved for usage by the Headhunter Recruitment Australia webmaster

●  Payment is in AUS dollars.

●  The preferred payment method is via Invoice (most credit cards accepted). Advertisers must specify one URL link which will be referenced in a new window by clicking on the ad banner